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PostgreSQL 9.2 Beta 1公開、性能向上とJSONサポートなど

PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 9.2 Beta 1 Available for Testing

PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 9.2 Beta 1 Available for Testing

Major performance and scalability advances in this version include:

  • Index-only scans, allowing users to avoid inefficient scans of base tables
  • Enhanced read-only workload scaling to 64 cores and over 300,000 queries per second
  • Improvements to data write speeds, including group commit
  • Reductions in CPU power consumption
  • Cascading replication, supporting geographically distributed standby databases

PostgreSQL 9.2 will also offer many new features for application developers, including:

  • JSON data support, enabling hybrid document-relational databases
  • Range types, supporting new types of calendar, time-series and analytic applications
  • Multiple improvements to ALTER and other statements, easing runtime database updates


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