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Google Cloud SQLの価格が発表

Google App Engine Blog: Cloud SQL: pick the plan that fits your app

Google App Engine Blog: Cloud SQL: pick the plan that fits your app

Today we are announcing our pricing, which will take effect on June 12th with two options to choose from:

  • For developers who want to try out the service, or who have lightweight applications - we offer a flexible “per use” pricing scheme. For example, you can get started with a cloud hosted MySQL database for around a dollar per month. You pay for just what you use.
  • For developers with more traffic, there are packages that offer a discount and help you predict your costs in advance.

Google App EngineからMySQLが使えるサービス「Google Cloud SQL」。価格表を見ると、正式リリースに向けた価格発表。性能ごとに、1日当たりの課金、もしくは1ユーザー当たり1時間ごとの課金が選べる模様。

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