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EMCがクラウド事業者向けのストレージ「VMAX Service Provider Platform」発表

Press Release: EMC Unveils New VMAX Service Provider Platform

Press Release: EMC Unveils New VMAX Service Provider Platform

Rather than service providers purchasing individual storage, software and service components then spending time and effort integrating them, they can now buy VMAX SP which is pre-packaged based-on service-level options enabling them to deploy new cloud services in as little as four hours.

VMAX SP delivers multi-tenanted, powerful, trusted and smart storage to improve operational efficiency and allow service providers to focus on their core business—creating new and differentiated services for customers.

あらかじめマルチテナント、サービスレベルなどの機能が組み込まれたクラウド事業者向けのストレージ。CTOのChuck Hollis氏が、詳しい解説を自分のブログに「Delivering Storage As A Managed Service: VMAX SP - Chuck's Blog」で掲載している。

EMCは来週、年次イベントのEMC Worldが行われるので、その前に発表ということか。

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